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Fishing Planet News
•  31th August - Dryflyer's Max / Safe Drag chart updated to v0.5.5 and DLC reels added

•  24th May - Max / Safe Drag chart now includes the level you can purchase the reel & more

•  15th May - Weekend Gar mission cancelled due to IRL Carp targeting on non-specimen lake (photos & hit times)

•  Saturday Night Dusk til' dawn 24HR IRL Gar mission (Twitch)

•  88lbs bugged Flying Gar caught prev weekend but not registered on leader (Twitch)
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This page is a seed for that yet to grow, for now I hope you will benefit from the Fishing Planet Safe/Max Reel Drag Chart which has taken much time and gold to produce. It is free to download and best viewed with Adobe reader, Good Luck & Tight Lines.
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