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Fishing Planet News
•  31th August - Dryflyer's Max / Safe Drag chart updated to v0.5.5 and DLC reels added

•  24th May - Max / Safe Drag chart now includes the level you can purchase the reel & more

•  15th May - Weekend Gar mission cancelled due to IRL Carp targeting on non-specimen lake (photos & hit times)

•  Saturday Night Dusk til' dawn 24HR IRL Gar mission (Twitch)

•  88lbs bugged Flying Gar caught prev weekend but not registered on leader (Twitch)
Welcome to UpLateGaming.com
May 9th 2016, California
2nd 1st 3rd
PH_Dryflyer sorrow919 Anonymous
33.39 lbs 40.69 lbs 32.58 lbs
Welcome to the PH Lucky 30 Minicomp page
In addition to the internal PH competitions on Saturdays, PH have been hitting public servers during the week and inviting the room to participate in a number of 15 minute rounds which equates to 1 game hour. The 15 minute rounds can be specific to fish, class, biggest or smallest or a combination.
One 30 minute IRL round during this time will be known as the PH Lucky 30 in where the top three get their name in lights on this uplategaming.com 'fun' fishing table.
I emphasise the word fun here as these are not serious fishing competitions, there is no sign-up and no cost. Being in the right room at the right time is not guaranteed, this is a game of chance ...as is winning. As always we're just out for a giggle and to give tips if needed, these mini comps are designed to satisfy both. FYI Cali is a favourite location but not necessarily the place we'll be. The only prize is bragging rights if you can beat us in the random 30 minute window, let the games commence.
Previous PH Lucky 30 Result's
May 6th 2016, California
2nd 1st 3rd
Face19 PH_Dryflyer TheKildar
19.28 lbs 19.696 lbs 18.87 lbs
May 4th 2016, California
2nd 1st 3rd
PH_Podster PH_Dryflyer -
31.81lbs 37.11lbs -
May 3rd 2016, California
2nd 1st 3rd
Face19 PH_Dryflyer Cavichiolo-BR
31.42lbs 42.05lbs 29.62lbs
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